Geisler_Kyle_4712Kyle is an Austin, TX based technologist and lover of all things tech. Father, Husband, and Geek, Kyle spends his days passionately pursuing his technology career, his evenings deeply engaged with his family, and his nights scratching the geek itch into the wee hours of the morning.

After studying Graphic Design and Digital Animation at the University of Central Florida, Kyle began specializing in enterprise and data center technology. Learning new technologies as they broke, his passion for High technology led him to Austin, TX. After years in various roles at Dell he left his position as an Sales Engineer and technical consultant to engage with a number of start up companies in the virtualization space.

This a holding site for my domain, It is hosted on the Amazon EC2 cloud in US-west availability region. In truth this is just a Linux image in the cloud I use for various purposes, the least of which is this blog. I want to blog and post stuff more regularly, but seriously? I just can’t get behind the idea that many other people really care about half the stuff that dribbles out of my brain. Even still, I will endeavor to create original content if for no other reason than to exercise my writing muscle

Please feel free to reach out to me directly!