Pretty Fly…

I’ve used this awesome little invention on my Samsung Galaxy S3 for a while now. The FlyGrip. I love it. Now that I’ve used it for a few months I honestly can’t imagine using a mobile device without one!

Google Now = Awesome!

There have been tons of posts all over the web talking about the new features in Google Now. I’m not going into great detail here but now and then this little app surprises the hell out of me. The first time it showed me a card with tracking status on a package I was taken …


Great skyrocket ROM! Sky ICS

  Best ROM I’ve used on this phone. Serious Thanks goes out to seanzscreams on XDA for a killer ROM for my Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Sky ICS. You can see from the screenshot that it lasted longer than I did yesterday. I haven’t seen that from a smartphone in years! Especially an Android device!