Google Now = Awesome!

There have been tons of posts all over the web talking about the new features in Google Now. I’m not going into great detail here but now and then this little app surprises the hell out of me. The first time it showed me a card with tracking status on a package I was taken …


The Myth Of Multi-tasking I’ve looked at a lot of job postings lately. One very common need is the requirement to be a good at multitasking.  “Strong multitasking skills required” they say. I have always thought of myself as a strong multi-tasker. Talking on the phone and working on a Powerpoint. Working on a report during a webinar. …


Chris Hadfield, Bravo!

Space Oddity Clearly the most out of this world cover video I have every seen. I couldn’t resist the pun. I feel compeled to tell the world that watching this video was a moving experience. Commander Hadfield’s contributions during his time on the ISS have been a real blessing. His AMAs on Reddit and posts on other social media outlets …


Go Android!

Who would have imagined it (how many ) years ago that Android would have become a full fledged operating system as it has. I have a Mac. I rarely use it. my “mobile devices” really have become my primary consumption and creation devices.