I HATE the Caps Lock Key

Seriously though, when was the last time you used Caps Lock intentionally? OK, so occasionally you are trolling some board and get into a flame war at 3 in the morning. You need caps lock for that. Since I can usually restrain myself well enough not to engage in that sort of juvenility Caps Lock is mostly a nuance. So what do you …


Tricorder a reality!

Even Mr. Spock’s tricorder was awesome. I tweeted Leonard Nimoy to ask his opinion, of this development, no response yet. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/2012/03/researcher-publishes-specs-for-real-linux-powered-star-trek-tricorder.ars?old=mobile

word cloud header

Thanks to wordle.net for the word cloud I’m using for my newest header image. I pulled the text from my resume and put it into their site and made this beautiful image that pretty clearly coveys the gist of my resume. Neat Huh!

Swype FTW! ! !

If you’re even moderately knowledgeable on your Android mobile device you are aware of Swype. If you aren’t afraid of experimenting you might have even tried it’s wistfully wonderful word wiping ways (sorry). But, if you are a hardcore geek like me you fel hard in love at first Swype and never looked back.

Flash forward a few years and now I have a slick Asus Transformer. I love this tablet, it’s fast and the keyboard dock is great in the office. However, I really miss the ease of entry and plain old fun I have Swyping on my phone. Not to mention they one finger input!

Well last night after freshly installing the latest rooted-bloatware-removed ROM I had a thought to check my Swype beta account and see if they happened to have a version for Honeycomb. They did. I installed it, I’ll admit with a healthy amount of anticipation. My anticipation was well rewarded. Swype worked great!

I found it a little odd swyping on the full keyboard in landscape, it is big on a ten inch tablet. even if not swyping the landscape orientation of Swype is one of the best laid out keyboards available for Android.  The edit keyboard screen with navigation keys puts it in a class with few other keyboard apps. Portrait orientation was very nicely sized. It was a tad too big for comfortable one handed swyping while still griping the tablet securely with the same hand but I could see myself getting used to it.

Here I am, elated that my favorite keyboard is now available on my tablet too. My only disappointment was that I was used to swyping on a phone sized keyboard. Just as I started to get annoyed with this apparent oversight on the part of the developers I noticed a button with an icon that looked like a keyboard with arrows on either side. I hit this and the keyboard shrank to a phone size tucked in the corner.

Man! What a thing. Exactly what i wanted, exactly the way i wanted it.


How many times have I done all the fun work of setting up the server and getting all the software working correctly? How many times have I spent the time tweaking the layout? How many times have I made a first post? I how many times have I declared my intentions update frequently and post …