Google Now = Awesome!

There have been tons of posts all over the web talking about the new features in Google Now. I’m not going into great detail here but now and then this little app surprises the hell out of me. The first time it showed me a card with tracking status on a package I was taken back. I hadn’t even see the shipping notification email from the company yet.

Do you ever have that moment where you start to do something the way you think it should be done not sure if it is supported or will even work, but then turns out to work exactly as you would have hoped it would? I had that moment and I want to share.

I swiped up on the unlock button of my SGS3 to launch google now. Then I said, “Google, remind me to turn the sprinklers off in 30 minutes.” Following the pleasant little confirmation tone I saw a reminder set screen and it was already done. Blown away! Here is a thorough walk through of its features.

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