Pretty Fly…

I’ve used this awesome little invention on my Samsung Galaxy S3 for a while now. The FlyGrip. I love it. Now that I’ve used it for a few months I honestly can’t imagine using a mobile device without one!

FlyGrip allows you to free up one hand and multi-task efficiently without the fear of dropping your phone. FlyGrip also doubles as a kickstand in both portrait and landscape viewing angles. FlyGrip allows your device to be secured on your fingertips, not in the palm of your hand, which allows for a greater range of motion for your thumb.

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Pulling my device out of my pocket with my fingers already engaged was second nature by the end of the first week. It’s just how I grip my mobile now. I can quickly access all areas of my screen with the same hand I’m using to hold the device. I can even do pinch and other two-fingered gestures (finger yoga required). My prefered keyboard of choice on android is the Swype keyboard. Great for one-handed typing! Made all the better by the much increased stability of the device in your hand with the FlyGrip.

Your device has never felt so secure in your hand! I would never have believed some of the things I’ve done with the same hand while using the Flygrip! Have you ever dropped your device on your head while using it in bed? Never again with this little guy. The special adhesive that bonds it is very strong but doesn’t leave a bit of residue when removed. They even include a second adhesive incase you want to move the FlyGrip to another device.

All around this is an extremely useful little accessory for the big screened devices we love or anyone that likes to one-hand their mobile.

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